The oldest outdoor trade fair in Europe – St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk

10 sierpnia 2017

Do you know that on Saturday, 29th July, in Gdansk, St. Dominic's Fair started! Have you ever heard about that? If not, you need to come to Gdansk. This is the largest and the oldest outdoor trade fair in Europe, with 757 years of tradition. About 6 million tourists from the whole world visit the trade every year. Around 1000 stands with handicraft, art and food products are waiting for the buyers.

In Dream Tour Team, there are great foodies and they love to learn about local culture through the cuisine and tasting different specialties. That’s why, St. Dominic's Fair cannot take place without Dream Tour’s visit in Gdansk. There are many stands with regional delicious food. This year, there are sellers also from other countries such as: Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ireland, Spain, Ukraine Germany, Hungary, Italy or Great Britain.

Before the war, the St. Dominic's Fair was famous for its, fruits, gingerbread, sweets, lemonade, wine theater performances and a lot of fun. And nowadays how does it look like?

There are 23 days of excitement and great fun. There, you can buy, bargain, looking for treasures, listen to music, dance. It is loud, colorful and everywhere something happens. It is not without significance that the Fair takes place in beautiful Gdansk scenery.

Come to Gdansk! For sure you will have a great time!

St Dominic's Fair 2017 ends on 20st August and there are so many attractions that for sure nobody will be bored.

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