Best 5 places in Poland for Autumn weekend

21 września 2017

Autumn in Poland is full of colors. The colorful forests are incredible. When the sun is shining, everything looks amazing – like in a fairy tale. Come to Poland and see how beautiful it is in autumn. Find below the list of 5th places that are especially worth seeing in autumn:

  1. Moszna Castle – the castle is situated just 35 km from Opole, 115 km from Wroclaw and about 180 km from Krakow. The construction was finished in XVII century. However, over the years, and by changes of the castles owners new chambers were built. Today, the castle is a combination of baroque, neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance styles. The colorful autumn trees around the castle will be perfect scenery for those who would like to feel like a fairy tale.
  2. Karkonosze - the highest mountain range of the Sudetenland and the Czech Republic, stretching over 70 km with ?nie?ka which is the highest peak of the Sudetes. From the top of Sniezka you can admire the beautiful panoramas especially in Autumn. You can spend a nice weekend in Karpacz which is a picturesque city situated at the foot of the Giant Mountains. It  is one of the most famous mountain resort with many interesting monuments. It is an ideal place for the autumn weekend. For sure you will relax and have the opportunity to admire beautiful views.
  3. Kaszuby - is the cultural region in northern Poland, part of Pomerania. It is a picturesque region with beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. In Autumn The Kashubian Lake District is a land of colorful forests, hills, wild gorges covered with large boulders, colorful fields, picturesque villages, rivers and beautiful lakes. For those who want to enjoy pure air and who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this is the perfect place - fresh air, clean water and amazing tranquility.
  4. Pieniny - is the largest and the most beautiful mountain range, which stretches over a length of more than 500 km. Colorful views in autumn make a big impression. The most spectacular part of Pieniny is Pieninski National Park. The most important peaks are Trzy Korony (the Three Crowns  - 982 m n p m). One of the most famous peaks with stunning views is Sokolica (747 m). From the peak you can admire beautiful panoramas of the region. At the foot of the Pieniny, it is also worth seeing The Royal Castle in Czorsztyn and The Castle in Niedzica. For the weekend you can stay in Kroscienko nad Dunajcem or Szczawnica which are health resorts with plentiful mineral springs and good treatment base. For sure, it is a perfect choice for the autumn weekend.
  5. Kazimierz Dolny - is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. It was founded by Kazimierz the Great. It is situated approx. 140 km from Warsaw. It is called "The pearl of the Polish Renaissance". It is attractive thanks to its picturesque location, monuments and unique atmosphere. It is a perfect place for the weekend. For sure you will relax and have a great time.
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