The most beautiful Christmas Markets in Poland

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Many people cannot wait for Christmas. Christmas is family meetings, Christmas tree, the smell of well-known Christmas dishes - in Poland there are many delicious dishes, but about it, I will write in the next post. But for me, Christmas is also associated with the unique scenery of the city, which are created by Christmas markets. I love strolling between the stalls and feel the Christmas smells above all the wonderful smell of mulled wine. Christmas Markets let us feel the atmosphere of the upcoming Christmas, try traditional dishes and buy unusual Christmas gifts. Below you can find a list of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Poland !


1) WROCLAW Christmas Market

One of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Poland takes place at the Wroclaw Market Square. The Market transforms into a fairytale place. This year, Christmas Market will start on November 20 and will be open to December 22. Christmas Market will be accompanied by many attractions such as Christmas concerts, singing Christmas carols, Christmas parades, magical shows, meetings with Santa Claus and much more. Traditionally, there will be a huge windmill that will be located on the Wroclaw market, reminding the ones you can see before Christmas in Germany. For Children, there will be fairytale forest and gigantic dwarfs.

2) KRAKOW Christmas Market

Krakow is always magical place, but during Christmas time it has a very special unique atmosphere. Christmas Market at the one of the biggest Market Square in Europe is really charming. Interesting is that it is the oldest Christmas Market in Poland and in 2008 it was considered to be the best and the most beautiful Christmas Market in Europe by magazine “Times”. You can try local delicacies, including the famous Galician mulled wine and traditional “oscypek” (sheep cheese), and also buy beautiful handmade ornamental baubles. This year, the Christmas Market starts on 24th of November and ends on 26th of December.

3) GDANSK Christmas Market

Gdansk is famous for its Dominican Fair, but the Christmas Market is also worth a visit. Targ Weglowy (a square in Gdansk in the Main Town, a part of the Royal Road) is filled with many stalls every year. The captivating scents of Christmas delicacies and original handicrafts encourage people to visit this amazing place. At Christmas time, not only the Market, but the whole city delights with colorful decorations and a lively atmosphere. The Christmas Market will be open from 2nd to 23rd of December.

4) WARSAW Christmas Market

In Warsaw, almost every district has its own Christmas Market. But, the biggest and the most spectacular Christmas Market is situated in the very center of the capital, next to the most prestigious gallery in Poland, next to the Central Station and near the Palace of Culture and Science. This is where you will be able to try different delicacies, buy gifts or just walk between wooden, decorated stands. It is worth visiting, mentioning that the Warsaw Christmas Market is based on fairs organized in Vienna, so the unique and cozy atmosphere is guaranteed. The Christmas Market in Warsaw will be open from 1st to 23rd of December.

5) TORUN Christmas Market

The atmosphere of the Christmas Market in Torun is as magical as in Krakow, but there are not as many crowds as in the capital of Lesser Poland. That is why it is worth to come to Nicolaus Copernicus’ city on December 1-23 to buy hand-made products and taste Torun products - not only gingerbread! You will have possibility to buy there ceramics, cepelian souvenirs, folk Christmas decorations as well as sweets, unique spices, dried sausages, fish, Lithuanian bread baked with sourdough and other dishes for Christmas cuisine. If there is really cold, you will have opportunity to warm up with mulled wine or warm honey.

 6) POZNAN Christmas Market

Christmas Market in Poznan will take place from 2nd to 22nd of December and will be situated on the Old Market. Many attractions and stands are waiting for the visitors. You will have a possibility to taste delicious polish specialties and buy many Christmas souvenirs. One of the most attraction is International Festival of Ice Sculpture which will take place on 9th and 10th of December.


Christmas Markets are beautiful during the day, but the most amazing are in the evening - full of lights, scents and unusual magic. For me there is no Christmas without visiting Christmas Market. And what about you? Come to Poland and check how spectacular are Christmas Markets here. Without any doubt you will be delighted. But remember, come hungry and thirsty so you could try all the delicacies and delicious mulled wine.

* If you are going to spend winter weekend in Poland and would like to take part in different tours (especially in Krakow) please remember to book everything well in advance. It is a really big interest of visiting Poland during winter time :) 

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