Andrzejki - Magical Night

29 listopada 2017

Do you know that today is a special night? What is it? Andrzejki - Day of Divination, in which we will find out what awaits us in the future. Read our article and find out how people in Poland spend that day.

Andrzejki in Poland is a magical night. Why? When and how do we celebrate it? Why is it so popular and unique? We celebrate that night from 29 to 30 November, that is, on the eve of the day of Saint Andrew. Andrzejki is a special evening. St. Andrew is the saint patron of Scotland and St. Andrew's Day is a national holiday of Scotland celebrating on 30th of Novemeber (as opposed to the usual custom in Poland). Andrzejki are related to traditional superstitions and divinities, especially about marriage. Andrzejki's divination was used to designed mainly for girls (the equivalent for boys, was Katarzynki), though for some time it was assumed that evening of November 29th is for everybody.

There are many of different Andrzejki's divinities. Below you can find the list of the most interesting ones:

1. Andrzejki's most popular divination in Poland is pouring the wax through a keyhole in a cold water. The resulting shape, casting a shadow from the flame of a candle on a wall, it gives us the opportunity to move our imagination

2. Girls, to find out if they are going to get married soon, throw shoe at the door. If the tip of the shoe is pointing to the exit, it means the marriage will be fast.

3. To brighten up the future, the girl should pick an apple with a knife so that the peeled skin is as long as possible without interrupting it. Then, it is thrown over the shoulder. The shape of the place is a hint of the first letter of the future fiancée.

4. The obligatory element of Andrzejki's fun in Poland is the divination with the help of shoes. The shoes of the participants are set in a row, one after the other, from the beginning of the room, towards the door. The owner of the shoe, who first crosses the threshold, will soon get married.

5. Another fun is piercing the heart with the pin on which the names are written on the reverse - the "hit" name will be the name of the future wife/husband.

6. Sometimes are baked also the fortune cookies.

Today, of course, hardly anyone believes in all the fun and divination, but it is a good occasion to meet with friends especially in autumn cold evenings. Anyway, this Old Polish tradition becomes a good excuse to organize a nice party.

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