It’s time for warming drinks… Where to drink the best mulled wine or another hot “drink” in Krakow?

21 listopada 2017

In winter, mulled wine tastes best. The weather and minus temperature makes us want to hide for a moment in a cozy cafe and warm up with this delicious drink. We suggest you 6 interesting places in Krakow where, in my opinion, serve the best hot drinks.

1. Kolanko No6 - You can drink an interesting drink "Bialy Mis" - warm milk with a advocat and cinnamon. It is very nice place where you can eat well besides drinks. It’s situated in Kazimierz District.

2. Bunkier Café - the place is quite crowded, but with a great atmosphere, located right next to the Planty. You can drink a wonderful mulled wine (red wine with almonds, raisins, walnuts, cloves, cinnamon and orange).

3. Café Zacmienie – located near the Main Market Square on Szczepanska Street. There is a moody atmosphere, because it is quite dusky, the decor is rather wooden, covered with thatch, filled with potted plants, mostly ivy and warm but quite dark orange lights. You can drink there mulled wine as well as hot beer with ginger juice and oranges.

4. Ambasada Sledzia – small place, on Stolarska Street with amazing mulled beer with ginger juice and advocat liquier. It is delicious. Also ,you can try there different polish tapas such as: polish soups and many types of herrings. Furthermore, the prices are very favorable.

5. Wedel Chocolate Lounge (Pijalnia Czekolady Wedel) – situated in the Main Market Square in Krakow. For me it is the best hot chocolate in Krakow. There are many different types and flavors of chocolate. It should be called “The paradise of chocolate”.

6. And of course the last place - Galician mulled wine during Christmas Market on the Main Market Square. For me it is the best place to taste the mulled wine. The atmosphere there is amazing. It is a wonderful feeling when the temperature is below zero,  everywhere is snow and I can warm up holding a cup of mulled wine. Besides, the wonderful smells of Polish delicacies and resounding music add even more charm.

See you in Krakow. Cheers!!

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