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Do you like being far away from the crowded cities? Do you want to experience the incredible silence and tranquility? I have already found the ideal place!! There is nothing better than unspoiled nature and breathtaking landscapes in the Bieszczady Mountain. It is a place in Poland, which is not well known by tourists yet. During the day you can enjoy a long walk, during which easier is to meet wild animals than other people. However, in the evening you can feel this the peaceful and magical atmosphere. It only happens in exceptional places! It impresses with its landscapes and wonderful views. The ridges are not too high but the view can take a breath away and by vastness of the panorama gives the impression of freedom. The mountains are beautiful both in summer and in winter.

Interesting is that at a height of 1,200 meters, where the forest ends, Poloniny (The pastures) start - as the next floor of vegetation - vast meadows covered with lush grasses. The most popular hiking trails lead through pastures (Wetlinska Cary?ska). They are accessible on foot and on horseback.

The highest peak Tarnica is the most attractive viewpoint in the Bieszczady Mountains. From there, you can admire the breathtaking panoramas not only from Polish, but also from the Ukrainian side.

In addition to the beautiful views and walking in the mountains, in the summer you can rest by the Lake Solina. The lake is also very popular among sailors. Well developed coastline is an additional advantage of the lake. Solina is also a very good place for anglers. You can catch there a really big fish. During the season, on the route Majdan–Przys?up operates the narrow gauge railway. Formerly, it was used to export the wood from the forest, today is a great tourist attraction. From the carriages opens up a whole new perspective of the mountains.

How can you get there? Bieszczady is the easternmost part of Poland, situated in the territory of three countries - Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. It is best to get there by own car. Regardless of which part of the country you are going to drive, the best route is from Rzeszow. The routes to this city are conveniently routed regardless of the direction from which you go. After passing Rzeszow you have to go to the city of Sanok. The road is becoming very varied and picturesque views, the surrounding area is also very interesting. For people who do not have a car and want to avoid a changeover, a bus or coach can be a good solution. Thanks to a very good Bieszczady road network with excellent status, arriving at these sites by bus or coach will be very comfortable. They reach to all major Bieszczady cities. If it turned out that our accommodation is a bit off the beaten track, and we have a lot of luggage, then there are many small buses which goes to many villages in Bieszczady (especially during the summer season). For people who like adventures, the good choice would be hitch-hiking. It is really safe and can be funny.

Without any doubt, these are strange mountains and strange land but it attracts with its magic, wildness and inaccessibility. For me, Bieszczady is a magical place at any time of the year.

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