Mounds of Krakow

11 stycznia 2018

Krakow is a magical city. I think that there is no person who doesn’t know this amazing city. What do you think first if you hear Krakow? For sure, you have in your mind the lively atmosphere of the city as well as astonishment monuments and places such as: The main Market Square which is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Europe, The Royal Castle – Wawel, the Jewish District – Kazimierz and much more. However, not many people pay attention to other interesting places in this city. That is why, recently I have been on a tour of all the mounds in Krakow and I wanted to write about them.

There are 5 mounds in Krakow (not 4 as the most think). The most famous is “Kosciuszko Mound” (Kopiec Kosciuszki). To enter the Mound we need to pay 10 PLN (8 PLN – student ticket). This is the mound located near the city center. The mound is surrounded by fortifications. The view from the mound is amazing. Furthermore, you can see there one of the exhibitions e.g about Cracow’s forts and Cracow Fortress. The exhibits are very interesting so I highly recommend it.

The second Mound in Krakow is Pilsudski’s Mound (Kopiec Pilsudskiego). It is the largest of the five existing mounds in Krakow. It is located in the Wolski Forest in the western part of Krakow in the Zwierzyniec district. It is the biggest mound in Poland. It was founded by Poles in honor of Józef Pi?sudski. From the top there is a view of Cracow and the surrounding area, and you can see also the airport and the landing planes. Admission is free. You can easily get there by public transport and then walk a few hundred meters. From Dworzec G?ówny you can take the bus number 152 to the Che?m stop and then head south-east. You can also take the same bus, get to the Cracovia stadium and take the bus number 134, which will take you to the Krakow Zoo and from there it is close to the mound.

There is also a possibility to walk and you will be able to visit two mounds - Pi?sudski and Ko?ciuszko. To get there, take the tram to Salwator (from Dworzec G?ówny tram number 2), then you can walk to Ko?ciuszko Mound and then through Wolski Forest - go to Pilsudski Mound. If you go back to Salwator as well, the whole trip should take min. 3 hours excluding long breaks.

The next one Mound is Krakus Mound (Kopiec Kraka) – which is situated in Podgorze District. From Krakus Mound, there is definitely the best view of Krakow. Wawel, St. Mary's Church, Church of Peter and Paul and many other objects you have at your fingertips. The mound is surrounded by grasslands where you can lie, read a book, have a barbecue or just relax after a day of sightseeing. And the best is that there are not many people there because it's a not well known place. You can reach there easily by going to the Podgórski Cemetery area. You can go by tram number 3,6, 9, 13,23 and 24.

The another is The Wanda Mound which is located in the Huta District. The Mound is quite far away from the city center and the view from the top is a little as if through a fog. But it is worth going there. There is even the tram stop under the Mound. You can get there by tram number 12.

The last one Mound is John Paul II Mound which is the youngest and the smallest Mound. Even people who live in Krakow do not know about it. It is located in the Congregation of the Resurrection in D?bniki District. The Mound is 7 m high (without a cross). At the entrance there is a granite table with the Papal coat of arms and information that the Mound is a reminder of the 6th Pilgrimage of John Paul II to the Homeland.

In Krakow there was also another Mound - the Esterka Mound, built in honor of the beloved King Kazimierz the Great - Estera. According to the legend it comes from the fourteenth century. It was destroyed in the 1950s when the WKS Wawel Stadium was built.

If you are in Krakow and looking for something different, I truly recommend visiting The Mounds of Krakow. If you would like to see the panoramas of Krakow from different perspectives, The Mounds are perfect for that. For me the best view is from Krakus Mound and what about you? Which Mound do you like the most? If you are in Krakow, you need to check it.

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