Winter in Poland

5 stycznia 2018

Winter in Poland is not only skiing on the Kasprowy Wierch. Also, The Mazurskie Lakes are covered by ice, the Baltic Sea, where beaches without people spread by dangerous, stormy waves or the Bieszczady Mountains, where there are no people with rucksacks, only wild nature and snow. Poland is a beautiful country. Both summer and winter you can spend here in really picturesque places. You don't believe? Check out our list of 5 places in Poland, which are worth to visit in winter:

1) Karpacz – is a picturesque small town situated at the foot of the Giant Mountains.  It is situated aprox. 2 hours from Wroclaw. Karpacz is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful places in Poland, especially among skiers. But in Karpacz you do not have to just go skiing. There are enough attractions to spend an active weekend and even a whole week of winter rest. You can skate, sled or simply walk.  There are many hiking trails, where you can walk or ski. There are also many places and monuments worth visiting such as The Wang Temple (the only Scandinavian monument in Romanesque architecture in Poland) and for example for children the great attraction will be a visit in the Western City - a village of the Wild West. From Wroclaw you can easily get there by car or bus. From Krakow , it will be better first to go by bus to Wroclaw and then change the bus to Karpacz. From Krakow to Wroclaw, you can go by “Polski Bus” which is very cheap (if you buy tickets in advance).

2) Zakopane – is a most famous polish mountain city. It is often called “The capital of Winter”. Zakopane is situated at the foot of Tatra Mountains, approx. 2 hours of Krakow. In Zakopane there is a lot things to do and in the winter there is even more attractions. For example, you can go on a sleigh ride with a torches, a dog sled, or a snowmobile. It is also worth going to Kasprowy Wierch or Guba?ówka. You can also go to the aquapark or just walk through the city. During walking, you can stop in one of the many very nice pubs or restaurants and taste delicious polish cuisine or drink the hot mulled wine. You need to know that if you are going to come to Zakopane in winter and spend there a few days, it is better to book the room in advance. You can easily get to Zakopane by car, bus or train. The buses are very often and the bus company is called “Szwagropol”. The one-way journey by bus takes approx. 2 – 2,5  hours and the ticket price is 17 PLN.

3) Krynica Zdroj is famous for its mineral water pump rooms, but it also has many natural and other attractions. Families with children visit Krynica most often. In the winter season tourists can ski in beautifully snow-covered slopes of Jaworzyna, ride in sleighs in the surrounding forests or take the longest winter slide in Poland. In the meantime, you can visit the Nikifor Museum, wooden villas from the 19th century or have a “drink” in the mineral water pump room. From Krakow you can go to Krynica by car or direct bus from Krakow Main Bus Station.

4) The Masurian Lakes - The frozen Masurian Lakes create an atmospheric and astonishing aura that perfectly favors romantic journeys. In winter, life in Warmia and Mazury does not disappear, but instead of sailing yachts appear sailboats that move on the ice. When the winter is exceptionally long and frosty, on the lakes you can experience kind of the Mazurian "sleigh" in which the role of horses is a special boat called airboat.  You can get there from Warsaw by car, train or bus. From Warsaw there is a direct train or bus to Gizycko.

5) Hel Peninsula - In winter, it is also worth to go to the Baltic Sea. The Baltic looks very charming this time of year, quite differently than in the summer. One of the biggest advantages of winter stay over the Baltic is the high concentration of iodine, which has considerable health features. This is the perfect place for the stressed and overworked peple, because peace and quiet are ubiquitous. Especially worth visiting is the Hel Peninsula. You can do there cross-country skiing, Nordic walking or watching nature. There are always fresh fish there. Many people argue that winter fishing provides fish with much better taste than during summer. You can easily get there from Gdansk by car, bus or taxi.


Poland is a really beautiful country all year. You need to remember that places in the summer crowded with tourists, mostly in the winter are empty. Meanwhile, many summer attractions at this time are much more interesting than during the summer. Come to Poland and see how beautiful Poland is in winter.

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