Why do I love Summer?

9 lipca 2018

Summer, Summer, Summer!! Finally Summer!

Everyone is waiting for summer the whole year. Everyone loves summer – OK almost everyone - there are sometimes exceptions :)

Why do we love summer? What is the reason why we can’t wait this season of the year? For sure every person has own reasons why. Me too!! :) Below you can find my 7 reasons why I love summer. Do you have the same?

1. HOLIDAY – it’s time for holiday!!! Of course I always organize many short vacations or sometimes a little longer during the year but in summer it’s obligatory :)

2. SUN – a lot of sun!!! The life without sun is impossible. Ok, of course it is possible but it’s known that the sun makes you happier. It gives you Vitamin D which is very important for our health. It is a vitamin of happiness. The sun gives you the strength and a lot of positive energy. You are definitely in a better mood.

3. SEA & BEACH – Yes, that’s true. When I think about the summer, the first picture I can see (when I close my eyes) are sea and sandy beach. It is an amazing feeling to enter the sea early in the morning (this is the best wake up call). And of course the beautiful sunsets on the beach… there are my favourite views.

4.MOUNTAINS – Everyone knows that I love sea…but I love also hiking in the mountains admiring the beautiful panoramas around. I love this freedom you can feel being so high.

5. LAKES – swimming, sailing, preparing the campfire, eating a sausage, then playing the guitar and signing almost whole night. There is no better scenery for that than the lake. Yes, it is definitely  something I love.

6. DRINKING A COLD BEER – there is no better drink when you are so thirsty and there is so hot than a cold beer. I think the most beer lovers will agree with me. I love summer for that!! 

7. GOING OUT LATE WITH FRIENDS – days are longer, nights are shorter… being outside, it seems to me that there is not so late and I don’t care about the morning that I have to wake up early. It isn’t important at that moment :) In the summer I can sleep only few hours and with the sun I have much more energy than usually. I love beauty of nature but also I really love cities full of cool places with  a really nice atmosphere. I love sitting with friends and talking and laughing until late. 


I could write and write more like that because there are many reasons why I love summer. But writing about my reasons, I realized that all of that I was writing about I can find in my country. Yes, that’s true! Poland has everything what I was thinking about . Do you want to find out why? Read my next post. I will show you all these reasons and you will see why spend your summer in Poland.

Meanwhile, what are the reasons that you love Summer? :)

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