Why the best place to spend your summer is Poland?

11 lipca 2018

In my last post, I showed you why I love summer and I realized that all these reasons why, I can find in my country. Yes, that’s true. Poland has everything what I was writing about. So why not to spend summer vacation in Poland? Did you think about it? If not, read the7 reasons below :)

1. HOLIDAY – it can be holiday of your life! No matter if you have 2 weeks of vacation or just a short weekend. Poland has many to offer for every person and every number of days you have for your holiday.

2. SUN – A lot of people think that in Poland, it is so cold and it’s raining and snowing all the time. Yes, that’s true. When I travel through the world, many people think like that (not to mention that many of these people do not even know where Poland is located). I always explain: “no, that’s not true. We have 4 seasons of the year. If there is a summer, the sun really shines and it is warm, so you don’t have to worry that you will freeze”.

3. SEA & BEACH – Yes, we have sea – The Baltic Sea. Maybe it is not the hottest sea in the world but you can easily swim there and you will not freeze – don’t worry! And what is the most important, the beaches are beautiful. There are wide and sandy. The coast is filled with many charming seaside resorts where you can eat delicious fresh fish. So if you have never thought about Poland as a place where you can come to lie on the beach, swim in the sea, sunbathe, now you have to think about it, because it’s really worth it.

4. MOUNTAINS – if you are a lover of the mountains, you definitely should come to Poland. Tatra Mountains, Beskidy or Pieniny – you have many hike trails to choose there. The summer is the best season to hike. It is safe and amazing. The views are stunning and you can feel as if you were the king of the world. This is definitely a good reason to come here.

5. LAKES – For those who like to spend their vacation in a quiet atmosphere and nice surroundings, sailing or fishing Poland is a perfect place for that. Especially the region of the Great Masurian Lakes which is the most popular area of inland sailing in Poland. There are more than 3000 Lakes. From the sky, it looks like a big blue bird stretching its wings on the back ground of the forest. Masuria is a finalist in the competition for the New 7 Wander of Nature.

6. DRINKING COLD BEER – Oh yes!! I think that Polish beer is one of the best beers in the world – especially from the small breweries. Poland is the third larger beer producer in Europe. There are large breweries exporting beer around the world for example: Tyskie, Lech or ?ywiec, but there are also a lot of small breweries producing very good regional and original beer. If you are a beer lover or just like good cold beer in the summer you have to come to Poland. You will be in a beer paradise :)

7. GOING OUT LATE WITH FRIENDS – if you are planning vacation with your friends or just want to have fun for a weekend, you need to choose one of the Polish cities: Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan. The cheap airlines fly to every of these cities so there is a very good flight connection. The polish cities are perfect places to go out with your friends at night. In every city there are many interesting places with a great atmosphere, so for sure you will have a great time. If you come here and feel it, you will not want to leave. I love it – and you will love it too. I promise.

So now, after reading this article are you ready to book your flight to Poland? I am sure that you are :) So book flights, pack up and come to Poland to spend your summer vacation here. You will not regret :)

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