7 reasons why you should choose Poland to organize your business trip, meeting, conference, congress or event

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7 reasons why you should choose Poland to organize your business trip, meeting, conference, congress or event.

Poland is a dynamically growing up country when it comes to Business Tourism. There are many factors why Poland has become an important place on the map of MICE industry. Read below the most important reasons why Poland is the perfect place to organize your business meeting or event. Let us know that you agree with them?



In Poland there are lower prices and lower costs of organizing business events comparing with prices in other countries of Western Europe.

It is widely known that the prices are one of the most important aspects while organizing business events. Therefore, in my opinion, this factor is a very big advantage in business tourism industry in Poland.


Even though organization costs are low, Poland can boast of the high quality of services in terms of MICE industry. Thus, low costs go hand in hand with a high standard of offered services. Therefore, the financial aspect is not the only benefit for organizing meetings and events in Poland. The highest quality services are possible thanks to qualified people – well educated, who know foreign languages, responsible, experienced, passionate and above all professional.


The truth is that the facilities and infrastructure have a big impact on the choice of meeting place. A lot of world class facilities were built or renovated in last years such as: ICE Krakow or International Congress Center in Katowice. Moreover, the same situation  is in case of trade fair industry. There are many new objects which do not differ from global standards such as: EXPO in Krakow or MTP – Poznan International Fair.

Regarding the accommodation there is a wide range of world class hotels starting from  large hotel chains ending with exclusive boutique hotels which for sure will meet the expectations of the most demanding business clients. There is also a wide selection of different restaurants. Polish cuisine is delicious. However for those who prefer another type of food, there is a wide choice of restaurants with international cuisine. There are also many options of gluten or lactose free as well as vegan food. Therefore, those who need or prefer to eat this kind of food there are many options so that everyone would be satisfied.

Regarding the places where the event, conference, team building, business dinner or another meeting can be organized, there are many unique venues. Poland is full of exceptional places such as the Mines e.g. The Salt Mine in Wieliczka or The Guido Mine, different Post – industrial buildings, The Castles, Historical Mills and many others.


One of the most essential factors to choose Poland as a meeting destination is definitely location – Poland is situated in the center of Europe. Furthermore, the biggest cities are easy accessible from anywhere not only Europe. In each bigger city there is an international airport with many flight connections.


Poland is considered to be a relatively safe country. There is a quite law risk of thefts, natural disasters or terrorist attacks. That is why Poland is an ideal destination for organizing business meetings.


Poland is an amazing country with beautiful cities such as Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznan, Katowice or Gdansk. There are historical but modern and vibrant cities with fascinating architecture. monuments, numerous opportunities of different activities, delicious cuisine, unique venues and unusual atmosphere that make you feel special. The atmosphere and the environment of the place where you organize your event is very important.


Poland has many to offer in terms of tourist attractions. It is one of the most important aspect when choosing the perfect destination. Poland has a beautiful nature with breathtaking views, mountains (e.g. Tatra Mountains), Sea with sandy beaches (The Baltic Sea)and lakes (Great Masurian Lakes).

Furthermore, Poland is a country with a rich culture and history with many cultural attractions (Museums, Theatres) as well as a lot of historic places (Palaces, Castles, Churches).

Both, lovers of architecture, history and art as well as nature and sport activities will find something for themselves.

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