We are really glad that you visited our website but we are even more happy that you are interested in coming to our beautiful country - Poland! Dream Tour Poland is dynamically growing up Polish licensed Incoming Tour Operator, that was created with a great passion to explore the world.  We have already deeply explored our wonderful country, currently we are discovering other countries of Europe and the whole world. Therefore, we decided that now we want to help such people like you! We want to support and advice you with the preparation and organization your dream tour to Poland. 


We believe that thanks to our great passion for traveling and exploring the farthest parts of the world, extensive experience, gained during personal journeys, professional work in tourism and organizing different kind of tours and activities, we prepare your journey to Poland  perfectly.

Dream Tour Poland

Your satisfaction is the most
important for us

We adapt ourselves to your needs! We are doing what we love and what interests us, but above all, our most important goal is to see your happiness and smile on your face when you come back home. We would like our offer posted on website to be some kind of inspiration for you. All organized tours are adjusted to your needs and preferences. Each of your requests, we treat personally, because this is your free time - your holidays.

We want to show you - Poland
of your dreams

We can prepare for you both: one-day or a few weeks stay in Poland. That's why, don't worry more about preparation and organization of your journey! Just email us! We always cooperate with qualified and experienced individuals (guides, drivers) as well as proffesional companies  to provide you with the highest quality services.

What we offer

- Transfers from/to the airport and any other intercity routes (wherever you need)

- Individual tours with a qualified guide or guided tours in groups (if possible, depending on number of people)

- Guide's assistance, who will take care of everything and help you in any situation (recommended for larger groups)

- Visiting/sightseeing the cities and places that interest you

- Organization of various kinds of sport and recreational activities and any other games

- Organization of different tours to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc.,

- Help in organizing stag and hen parties,

- Organization of business trips, where the highest standard and quality is the most important

- Preparation of a one-day or several-day trip itinerary, adjusted to your needs and expectations

- Good advice - we do not want be an ordinary travel agency, but we want to support and advise you as well as share our experience with you. We are at your disposal, always here and now!

Our team - who we are

Dream Tour Poland is not a corporation, but passion - and my name is Robert. I am associated with tourism, not only professionally -it's my hobby and a way of life. Everything started in a childhood. My parents took me for many trips to the Baltic Sea and to the lakes where usually we slept in tents. They took me for biking tours and mountain hiking, as well as aroused me with passion for different kinds of sport such as: skiing, snowboard, football and other team games, therefore I'm used to spend time actively and it is hard for me to sit longer in one place :) At first, I was traveling with my friends or family through Poland and Europe, visiting among others Hungary, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, but when I was 20, I went on my first solo trip to France and Spain.  I just packed a rucksack, took a tent and started out. I have already visited most of the European countries but also I was getting to know the culture of the Jews and the history of Christianity in Israel, as well as I was discovering the secrets of the Maya in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

During my studies I met my beloved Ania and since then I have my traveling companion.  We travel through Poland from the Tatra Mountains to the Baltic Sea searching for interesting and attractive places. We organize European city breaks looking for cheap flights every night. It is already like addiction :) And in 2015 we packed our backpacks and started our 3 months adventouros backpacking journey through Asia visiting UAE, Sri Lanka, Bali and Lombok in Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia.  We experienced an incredible adventure climbing the volcano at night, bathing in waterfalls,  drinking cold beer in the beautiful island Gili Travangan, exploring caves and floating markets in Thailand,  discovering on bikes the secrets of Angkor Wat but also tasting the local delicacies and getting to know the culture of the people, talking to them and trying to enter into their living environment.

In fact, we are dreaming  to see the whole world which is waiting for us J Also for you!! And Poland is incredibly interesting place to visit, which is waiting for you. For a long time I wanted to open my own travel agency but before that I wanted to gain experience, to be able to provide you with the best quality and guarantee an incredible experience. Therefore, the choice of studies was simple - Tourism and Recreation, and then Travel Management. At that time, I had a practice in a travel agency and then I got a job at the Municipality of Krakow in Convention Bureau. It was a great adventure for me, where I gained a lot of useful experience, preparing visits in Krakow (accommodation, transport, tours with guides) for journalists and the conference organizers and then I accompanied them during their stay. I participated in business tourism fairs, we supported the organization of conferences and undertook other actions to develop business tourism in Krakow.

Despite many professional duties and my studies I didn’t stop traveling – it’s my greatest passion, that’s why I used every opportunity to pack a rucksack and go on a journey. Being in Asia, we found together with Ania, that we are ready and this is the right time to set up our own travel agency. We came up with the name of the company, relaxing after the first surf lesson on Balinese beach Dreamland, and so here we are, DreamTour Poland. Poland is waiting for you to be discovered and we will help you with this :)

See You in Poland!

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