One of the key points in organization of the business travel or event is a choice of the appropriate venue. Depending on whether you organize a conference, business meeting, team building, special dinner or business lunch, we will help you to arrange a perfect venue for your event. Just let us know your preferences and wishes and we will do our best to make your event unique.


Organization of business conference or congress requires many steps that need to be taken into account. One of essential aspects is a place where the conference/ congress will be organized.


If you are planning a business conference or congress and wondering which place would be the best, just contact us. Our team will help you to choose the best venue adjusted to your expectations.

What is important in choosing a perfect place?

- capacity – number of people the place can accommodate

- location –short distance and easy access

- place suitable to conference’s image

- costs within budget

- facilities (e.g. audiovisual equipment etc.)

- catering


Perhaps you would like to organize your event, meeting, team building, business dinner in an unusual place – in  a place everyone will never forget about. Let our team find the most unique place for your event.

Poland is full of exceptional places that are adapted to the organization of various business meetings, events, team building or special dinners. The examples of such unique venues are, among others, The Mines e.g Salt Mine in Wieliczka or The Guido Mine,  different Post-industrial buildings, Palace of Culture and Science, Brick fortification such as Forteca, The Palace on the water in Warsaw, The Castles, The Historic Mills and much more.

Just let us know you wishes and we will suggest unique venue to meet your event objectives and budget.


The organization of business dinner is very important. It requires a very precise selection of restaurants, careful preparation as well as proper choice of menus and drinks. If the business travel is organized abroad, it is a really good opportunity to taste new cuisine. Usually, in such cases, the dinner is organized in a restaurant typical of a visited country. Organizing business travel to Poland, you need to know that Polish cuisine is delicious. Being in Poland for business purposes, it is a great possibility to try new dishes. However, it is not so easy to choose suitable restaurant.

Depending on your preferences and occasion (elegant dinner, business meeting or “informal” lunch etc.), our team will help you to choose the best place. There are also many options of gluten or lactose free and vegan food in many restaurants. Therefore for those who need or prefer to eat this kind of  food, we will offer a large selection of different places so that everyone would be satisfied. We meet the expectations of our customers. We will provide you with the best  solutions and help to make a decision about the restaurant. 


Finding the appropriate meeting room has a very important impact on how your meeting will go.

The meeting room must meet the mentioned conditions. Event participants must feel comfortable there. It is important for them to not get distracted, so they could participate in 100% in the meeting in order to learn from it as much as possible. If you organize a business meeting in Poland, just contact us. Dream Tour Poland will help you to choose the most suitable place, meeting all your requirements. In this way, your business meeting will be organized at the highest level.

What are the most important aspects in choosing the right meeting room?

- modernity

- professionalism

- comfort

- adequate lighting

- space

- facilities

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