Warsaw Tours

Warsaw - the capital of Poland. It is also the largest city, political, financial and cultural centre. Definitely, it is city of contrast, modernity and the great history with the magnificent monuments. The history of Warsaw reaches up to ninth century. The historic buildings of Warsaw was repeatedly destroyed during the wars. Especially, Warsaw suffered during The World War II. The city was rebuilt with a great effort of society of the whole country. The most important was the outstanding reconstruction of the Old Town. In 1980, The Old Town was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as an exceptional example of a total reconstruction of the historical complex. Most of the monuments destroyed during the war were reconstructed e.g. The Royal Castle. There are also many valuable buildings that survived the war without major damage, such as: Wilanow Palace, The Presidential Palace etc. Warsaw is very interesting and beautiful city that is for sure worth a visit. Take part in Warsaw tours to explore the city and surroundings.

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