Jewish Route

If you are interested in Jewish culture and want to learn more about the Jewish history, you need to to take part in our excursion. During our tour you will visit cities and villages, where you will have the opportunity to see the remains of Jewish culture: the former or still active synagogues, cemeteries, houses of prayer or former Talmudic schools.




Jewish Route

Our excursion includes:

1. Kraków:

- Kazimierz District - In the past, Kazimierz was a separate settlement founded by King Kazimierz Wielki for his beloved Esther. Kazimierz is one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe, with many monuments sych as The Old Synagogue and the Jewish cemetery dating back sixteenth-century.

- Schindler's Factory - Schindler's Factory was established in 1937. The factory produced mainly enamel and metal products. In 1939 it was taken over by the German entrepreneur Oskar Schindler, who directed it until 1945. Oskar Schindler, in his factory, employed Jew threatened with extermination, who then were inscribed on the so-called Schindler's List, so therefore they were saved.This story was described by Thomas Keneally's novel Schindler's Ark (Schindler's Ark) and presented in the feature film Schindler's List, directed by Steven Spielberg

- Płaszów with the monument commemorating the former extermination camp

2. Auschwitz - Birkenau in Oświęcim:

was established in 1940 by German Nazis. It is one od the most famous places in Poland. It is a symbol of terror and the Holocaust.  It is situated in Oswiecim (Auschiwtz I) and Brzezinka (Auschwitz II) - about 70 km from Krakow. Firstly, it was only the Concentraioon Camp (Aushwizt I),  but quicly it became also the centre of extermination - Aushciwtz II (Birkenau). Within 5 years of operation of the camp, over 1.5 million of people were killed there - mostly Jews, Poles, Gypsies and other nationalities. Auschwitz - Birkenau Concentration Camp was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List in 1979.

3. Wrocław:

You will visit the most important places around the Jewish Quarter such as:

-  White Stork Synagogue with exhibition presenting the history of Jews in Wrocław,

- the historic Old Jewish Cemetery - probably the most beautiful in Poland,

- the memorial of the destroyed New Synagogue

- the Main Market Square with surroundings streets


4. Łódź:

Jewish culture was very important for the development of the city. Before the war, about one third of the city's population were Jews:

- The Bracka street with the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe

- "Radegast" - the train station where the prisoners were transported to the extermination camps in Chelmno and Auschwitz.

- the area of the former ghetto

- the Synagogue

- the Poznanski Palace and Piotrkowska Street


5. Warszawa:

Warsaw interwar was the largest concentration of Jewish population in Europe:

- The Monument to Warsaw Ghetto Heroes,

- Umschlag Platz,

- The Jewish cemetery – Kirkut

- Jewish district with Zamenhoffa and Mila Street

- the Jewish Theatre

- The Nozyk Synagouge - the only one Synagouge in Warsaw that survived The Second World War.


6. Treblinka:

German labor  and extermination camps (Treblinka I and Treblinka II) that existed in 1941–1944 where about 850 thousands were killed. In terms of the number of victims  Treblinka was the second after  Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp operating in occupied Europe during World War II. Treblinka I was a penal labor camp whereas Treblinka was extermination camp. During our tour you will visit both camps.

The list of cities (villages) that can be also included on Jewish Route:

1)      Częstochowa

2)      Chełmno

3)      Kazimierz Dolny

4)      Lublin

5)      Majdanek - the Nazis concentration camp (one of the biggest) where more than 350 thousands people were killed. Currently, the camp is the museum dedicated to the victims of extermination.

6)      Nowy Sącz

7)      Sztutowo - It is a German Nazi concentration camp established in the village of Sztutowo, 36 km from Gdansk. It operated from 2 September 1939 to May 9, 1945. It was the first and longest existing camp of this type. He was operating in total 1,007 days. the  Stutthof camp was one of the main instruments used for extermination

8)      Tarnów

9)      Zamość




The above program is the most suitable for a 5-6 day excursion starting from Krakow, Katowice, Warsaw, Łódź or Wroclaw. However, it is also possible to organize this tour from other cities, but you need to take into account the distance and driving time. Additionaly, we can expand the program by the visiting of other places associated with Jewish Culture (the list of the sites you can find below).

Of course, the itinerary can be modified and we can prepare a special offer for you, according to your interests and preferences.


Tours available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish and others.

If you decide to take party,  just let us know. We guarantee the best prices and the highest quality.

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