Silesian Industrial Route

Silesian Industrial Route

Industrial Route is a themed tourist and cultural route combining sites associated with the culture of the industrial heritage of the Silesian Voivodeship. Currently, it includes 36 objects. This route presents the most important and interesting sites in the industrial region of Silesia. Sites that are included on the Route are associated with the traditions of mining, metallurgy, electricity, railways, communication, textile industry and the food industry. Silesian Industrial Route is the most interesting route of industrial tourism in Poland.

If you want to discover the most interesting places on the Insudtrial Route, we encourage you to take part in our excursion.

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Silesian Industrial Route

During the tour you can visit:

1)      Zabrze:

- Guido Mine and Coal Mining Museum - The mine was founded in 1855. Tourists can visit the mine at levels of 170 and 320 meters. On that last level is the deepest tourist route in a coal mine in Europe.

- Museum of Coal Mining in Zabrze - It is the only place in Poland with rich collections of the history of mining, technology and culture of mining.

2) Tarnowskie Góry:

- Historic Silver Mine & Black Trout Adit in Tarnowskie Góry - Historic Silver Mine is the only in Poland the underground tourist route that allows visiting the former underground mine ore containing silver, founded in Triassic dolomites and limestones. The sightseeing of Silver Mine takes place in the underground corridors located 40 meters below the surface. In the mine, throughout the year there is a constant temperature of approx. 10 C.

Black Trout Adit  - is the longest (600 meters) underground tourist route in Poland travelled by boats. Black Trout Adit is located in the middle of Repecki Park  in Tarnowskie Góry. Inside the tunnel the temperature is approx. 10 degrees. You will visit it on the boat, passing 600 meters along the tunnel.

3)      Cieszyn:

- The Museum of Printing in Cieszyn – is the only place in Poland, where the collected equipment is fully operational. You can see there not only the machines and equipment for printing, but also learn how to use them. During the visit, you can see the following steps of the printing using the old method.

 4)      Tychy:

 - Tyskie Brewery - The Tyskie brewery is an extremely important place in the Polish beer industry. This golden drink in the Tyskie brewery is brewed from four hundred years, always with special care and attention to quality. At the end of the nineteenth century Tychy brewery was one of the largest beer producers in the world. 

The above program is most suitable for a 3-day excursion starting from Krakow, Katowice or Wroclaw. However, it is also possible to organize this tour from other cities, but you need to take into account the distance and driving time. Additionaly, we can expand the program by the visiting of other sites on Industrial Route 

Of course, the itinerary may be modified and we can prepare a special offer for you, according to your interests and preferences.


If you decide to take part, just let us know. We guarantee the best prices and the highest quality.

The list of sites that are included on Silesian Industrial Route:

1)      Museum of Technology and Textile Industry in Bielsko – Biała

2)      The Upper Silesian Narrow Gauge Railways in Bytom

3)      Museum of Iron Ore Mining in Czestochowa

4)      Railway History Museum in Czestochowa

5)      Museum of the Production of Matches in Czestochowa

6)      The Wilson Shaft Gallery in Katowice

7)      Giszowiec and Nikiszowiec districts in Katowice

8)      The Museum of Silesian Press in Pszczyna

9)      The Historic Mine „Ignacy” in Rybnik

10)   The Glass Factory in Zawiercie

11)   Żywiec Brewery

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